Wednesday, March 20, 2013

3rd Party Tool Update: RVTools

RVTools is one of the best free tools on the market for finding and viewing information regarding your vSphere infrastructure and Rob de Veij has continued to improve upon this already useful tool. Rob recently released version 3.5, below is a short list of the changes. If you are not familiar with this tool you should check it out, it is very useful. There are many things I like to view with RVTools including the vHealth tab which can warn you of full hard drives or even zombie vmdk’s. Enjoy, send a thanks to Rob for his continued great work! You can download RVTools here:

The recent updates include:

  • On vInfo tabpage new field: Resource pool
  • On vInfo tabpage new field: Consolidation needed.
  • On vCPU tabpage new field: Number of cores per socket
  • New tabpage with resource pool information
  • On vNetwork tabpage new column: Switch name
  • On vNetwork tabpage new column: Starts Connected
  • On vTools tabpage new column: required version
  • On vHost tabpage new columns: custom fields
  • On vDisk tabpage new columns: raw disk information
  • Improved error handling for SSO login problems
  •  Bug fix: Invalid snapshot size fixed
  •  Bug fix: All datetime fields now use the local time zone
  •  Bug fix: data not refreshed after changing filter 

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