Tuesday, March 26, 2013

VMTraining exceeds student expectations again!

VMTraining has again exceeded the limits of any normal training company! We have upgraded our datacenter to give students an even better experience than they are already used to. This upgrade was primarily focused on storage. We have setup every student server with 10GigE to the storage device! Did you hear that, 10GigE! You will not likely find another vendor in the market that is providing this level of hardware for a quality student experience. We have also added a state of the art Nimble SAN to keep up with our ever growing demand for real world, quality training. This SAN is one of the best in the market place today. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

3rd Party Tool Update: RVTools

RVTools is one of the best free tools on the market for finding and viewing information regarding your vSphere infrastructure and Rob de Veij has continued to improve upon this already useful tool. Rob recently released version 3.5, below is a short list of the changes. If you are not familiar with this tool you should check it out, it is very useful. There are many things I like to view with RVTools including the vHealth tab which can warn you of full hard drives or even zombie vmdk’s. Enjoy, send a thanks to Rob for his continued great work! You can download RVTools here: http://www.robware.net/

The recent updates include:

  • On vInfo tabpage new field: Resource pool
  • On vInfo tabpage new field: Consolidation needed.
  • On vCPU tabpage new field: Number of cores per socket
  • New tabpage with resource pool information
  • On vNetwork tabpage new column: Switch name
  • On vNetwork tabpage new column: Starts Connected
  • On vTools tabpage new column: required version
  • On vHost tabpage new columns: custom fields
  • On vDisk tabpage new columns: raw disk information
  • Improved error handling for SSO login problems
  •  Bug fix: Invalid snapshot size fixed
  •  Bug fix: All datetime fields now use the local time zone
  •  Bug fix: data not refreshed after changing filter 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Webinar Announcement – Is vSphere® the Best Hypervisor out there?

Who will have bragging rights? vSphere® or Hyper-V?
VMTraining is launching a new webinar series sure to get some input from the many experts across the industry. Register today for the first of a series of three webinars pitting vSphere® and Hyper-V head to head! Who will come out on top?

In the ever expanding world of virtualization many companies claim the top spot! How can we be sure we are making a good business decision in the virtualization choice we are making? Some say Hyper-V some say Red Hat but we are saying vSphere®! Actually this month we will argue the point for vSphere® and in our next webinar we will attempt to prove that Hyper-V owns that top spot. This series will be fun and provide some great technical components that will help you understand the real difference between vSphere® and Hyper-V. We will also have a 3rd webinar in the series that will pit the presenters head to head on a no holds barred discussion of vSphere® vs. Hyper-V. Join in the excitement as we tackle this controversial issue.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

vSphere® 5.1 UltimateBootcamp

vSphere® 5.1 UltimateBootcamp 
Prior to the release of vSphere® 5.1 the VMTraining team began work to update the course to include all the latest technologies that were released in August by VMware™. Even though these updates were considered minor the changes to what we as administrators have seen may be considered major! There are new additions that cannot be performed through the standard vSphere® Client! That was a sad day for me, now I am forced to use the vSphere® client and the new web client. Regardless our dedicated team has put together some great content and labs in the newly updated vSphere® 5.1 Ultimate Bootcamp. They have included the Single Sign-On Service and Inventory service we all need to deal with during an install. These components have both pros and cons, which have been addressed by our technical team! They have also added the improvements made to the storage interaction. And of course they have added labs using the vSphere® Web Client! Check out the new outline and feel free to ask our experts questions on the VMTraining Forum!