Tuesday, March 5, 2013

vSphere® 5.1 UltimateBootcamp

vSphere® 5.1 UltimateBootcamp 
Prior to the release of vSphere® 5.1 the VMTraining team began work to update the course to include all the latest technologies that were released in August by VMware™. Even though these updates were considered minor the changes to what we as administrators have seen may be considered major! There are new additions that cannot be performed through the standard vSphere® Client! That was a sad day for me, now I am forced to use the vSphere® client and the new web client. Regardless our dedicated team has put together some great content and labs in the newly updated vSphere® 5.1 Ultimate Bootcamp. They have included the Single Sign-On Service and Inventory service we all need to deal with during an install. These components have both pros and cons, which have been addressed by our technical team! They have also added the improvements made to the storage interaction. And of course they have added labs using the vSphere® Web Client! Check out the new outline and feel free to ask our experts questions on the VMTraining Forum!

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